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Thurston Springs, located in Fairview, Pennsylvania, is a locally-owned distributor of 100% Natural Artesian Spring Water bottled from our wholesale distributor's on-sight artesian well, located in Lowellville, Ohio.   The​ impermeable rock, clay, and sandstone surroundings protect the in-ground aquifer from any outside or​ surface contaminants.​  To insure the highest quality product their process of purification and being bacteria free consists of: Ozone(ultra violet back-up), carbon filtration​​ water softeners, and a reverse osmosis .05 micron filtration system.   All bottling and capping equipment is made of stainless steel.

​​​​​Founded in 1988, our wholesale distributor bottles 5 days per week; 7 days per week during peak summer months, and produces close to 7 million gallons per year of finished product.  This genuine artesian spring water meets or exceeds all local, state and federal government drinking water regulations and standards and is inspected and approved on a weekly basis for consumption.

Thurston Springs can provide you with 5 and 1 gallon bottles of natural or distilled spring water, as well as 16.9 oz. bottles of spring water.  Thurston Springs can also provide water cooler rentals -  hot and cold or just cold.


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